Researchers discover coeliac disease drug target


Researchers at the University of Dundee have identified a new treatment target for coeliac disease that could relieve inflammation and unlock alternative treatment options.

£1 million grant to help drive innovation

The University of Dundee has received £1 million to furbish a new centre that will foster the commercialisation of world-leading science while anchoring new biomedical companies and jobs in the cit

Onorach Launches 'eLearning' Courses

Members of the BioDundee Community, Onorach have just launched a suite of new web-based, regulatory and compliance ‘eLearning’ courses as part of their product portfolio.

Breaking down barriers for underrepresented groups in STEM

Organisers of a University of Dundee event hope to spark new ideas about how to encourage traditionally underrepresented groups to choose STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering, and mathe

£500,000 to study how drug handling impacts on efficacy

The University of Dundee’s MEMO Research unit has been awarded £500,000 as part of an international effort to ensure protein drugs such as insulin and monoclonal antibodies work as effectively as p

University backs Technician Commitment

The University of Dundee has become a signatory to the Technician Commitment, a national pledge to support technicians in universities and research institutions.

Dundee research to help eliminate Sleeping Sickness

Almost half a million rapid diagnostic tests developed from research at the University of Dundee will be donated with the aim of helping eliminate the disease known as African sleeping sickness.