Programme for people with Type 2 diabetes proves successful

A support programme in Tayside for those living with type 2 diabetes launched in June 2020 has helped over 250 people better manage their condition, lose weight and in some cases achieve remission of their diabetes.

Led by diabetes specialists, Oviva Diabetes Support provides one-to-one support over 12 weeks, focused on long term behaviour change and diabetes self management. It is delivered through an NHS digital-approved app or by phone so people can access it from home.

The programme can see as many as one in four people achieve remission of their diabetes with participants losing on average 4% of their weight, equal to half a stone, with some people losing as much as three stone.

Jack, from Tayside and a recent participant on the programme, said, “My diagnosis of type 2 diabetes late in 2019 was a surprise and a wake up call. I felt determined to reverse it. The support I had from my Oviva coach was invaluable and the online resources kept me motivated and on track. I responded well to the structure of the programme and the discipline it brought and felt totally reassured that the guidance was valid and from a source I trusted.

“I’ve lost over 13kg in weight and I’m in remission. Without the Oviva programme, I’m sure I would have regressed by now. The change feels permanent and I don’t feel deprived at all!”

Declan Fields, dietetic team lead with NHS Tayside said, “Despite launching during the coronavirus pandemic, the programme has had great success so far with really promising results. People have been able to access personalised learning resources from home, like recipes, exercise ideas and help with stress management.

“We want to encourage other people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2020 to self-refer so they can get this year off to a great start. By following the programme, they can improve their blood glucose and blood pressure, lose weight and reduce their risk of diabetes complications.”

Lucy Diamond, Head of Clinical for Oviva said, “We’re pleased to see such strong weight loss results from people in Tayside on our programme so far. We want to continue building on that success for 2021, because the risk of coronavirus for people living with type 2 diabetes sadly hasn’t gone away.

“Having delivered care to over 250 patients in Tayside to date, we are proud to see what people are able to achieve whilst taking part in our programmes, and are delighted to be delivering this service in Tayside.”

The Diabetes Support Programme is delivered in partnership with the NHS and Oviva, a clinically-led provider of remote NHS services. The University of Dundee also collaborated to develop the patient pathway.

Oviva provides one-to-one support and uses technology to make care more convenient and accessible for people.