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Unviersity of St Andrews
Animal Behavior, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Bioscience, Cancer Research, Diagnostics, Environmental, Genomics and Proteomics, Infectious Diseases, Pharmaceutical, Vaccines, Virology
The Gateway, University of St Andrews, Noth Haugh St Andrews KY16 9RJ
01334 462163
01334 462386

For bioscience companies seeking the solutions to their business innovation problems the University of St Andrews can help as it offers a range of research, advisory and consultancy services which can solve the technical challenges businesses face.

Research & Enterprise Services (RES) plays the key role in exploiting the University’s research and intellectual property. By marketing the University’s expertise and resources RES seeks to cultivate links with technology-based companies, thus generating significant benefits for the local and national economy.

Products & Services: 

We are responsible for providing support and advice in the following areas:


Direction to sources of funding and investment; intelligence & guidance on the priorities of external funding agencies; access to European Funding through identifi cation of new opportunities and potential partners including Framework RTD & ERDF.
Business development through marketing of the University’s expertise and resources; developing and cultivating links to researchers, industry and Government.
Effective negotiation of contracts on behalf of the University and academic staff.

Intellectual property management, licensing & technology transfer.
Business planning & spin-out company formation.
Assistance to project managers in maximising performance and, therefore, facilitating the capture of repeat and new business.
RES, was established in 1998 to re-align and enhance St. Andrew’s research support services, to help researchers obtain and negotiate research contracts, to protect and manage the University’s IPR and direct and support all commercialisation activity and contracts including providing advice to potential spin-out entrepreneurs, to motivate fl edgling businesses, and champion their cause within the University. RES also provides information to the academic community through email at Resdesk, the RES web site and via individual meetings and seminars.

Skills & Expertise: 

The University can provide research expertise in the following research areas:

Structural Biology;
Molecular Virology;
Molecular Enzymology;
Molecular Endocrinology;
Cancer Biology;
Comparative Immunology Cell and Development Biology;
Embryo Modelling;
Neurosciences Physiology;
Fish Biology including muscle research & Endocrinology Speciation & Genetics;
Plant Science;
Fungal Genetics;
Pelagic Ecology;
Marine Mammal Communication;
Sediment Ecology