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The University of Dundee has an international research reputation in the field of biomedical lifesciences and attracts over £50 million per annum in research funding, 90% of which is directed to the biomedical area. All life science and clinical research departments are 5/5*, the highest rating available. The University has established several multi-million pound research collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of drug discovery, pharmacogenomics and translational medicine.Key areas of research at the University include Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Diseases, Gene Regulation and Expression, Genomics, GutBiology, Immunology, Neurosciences, Kinase/Research & Signal Transduction. The University also has expertise in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices and is a centre of Health Informatics Pharmacogenomics Tissue Engineering expertise.

Products & Services

The University has a variety of services and facilities that are also open to organisations outside the University.Services available include:

  • The Finger Prints Proteomics Facility -
  • DNA Sequencing Services -
  • Light Microscopy Facility (CHIPS) -
  • DNA Analysis Facility -
  • A full list of services based within the College of Life Sciences is available at –
  • [Please check with individual units to discuss individual requirements/updates to services]
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre -
  • The Dundee group of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre comprises a multidisciplinary research team which includes biomedical, social and clinical researchers.
  • The Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) - The BRC is a Department within the Medical College of the University of Dundee specialising in researching the role of environmental factors in human disease, and the protective adaptive response systems that have evolved.
  • Clinical Research Centre - Clinical research in the prevention, diagnosis and early therapy for cancer, CVD, thoracic diseases, nutrition, diabetes, metabolic disease and neuroscience.
  • Dundee Diabetes Research Centre - The Research Centre was created to foster and encourage research at the University among the numerous groups with a shared focus in Diabetes research.
  • Neurosciences Institute - The Neurosciences Institute, which is part of the Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience, was established to investigate the fundamental molecular mechanisms of brain function.
  • Medicines Monitoring Unit - (see separate entry). The Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO) is a pharmacoepidemiology research unit based within Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, at the University of Dundee.
  • The Surgical Skills Unit - Training for surgeons in minimal access techniques.
  • Tayside Tissue Bank - The TTB holds tissue samples for use in approved research projects. Applications from other Universities and collaborative studies with other organisations can also be considered.