Umicore Coating Services Ltd

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Umicore Coating Services Ltd
Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Medical Devices
Kinnoull Street Dundee UK DD2 3ED
01382 833022
01382 833824

Umicore Coating Service is a market leader in the thin film coatings industry, providing an extensive range of ultra low absorption laser coatings, as well as other types of coatings and filters for infrared and visible systems. Umicore Coating Services has expertise in thin film analysis and design and can provide coatings solutions to most demanding specifications. Coating design and manufacture.

Products & Services: 
  • Germanium For IR Optics
  • Germanium For Gamma Ray Detectors
  • High Purity Chemical Germanium Tetrachloride
  • Germanium Metals
Skills & Expertise: 

Umicore optics offers both monocrystalline and polycrystalline Ge. Standard optical grade materials are produced to optimize transmission in the usable wavelength region. Ge has also been shown to be a good electro-magnetic interference (EMI) shielding material. Other grades, engineered to meet your specific requirements, are also available. Who are we:

  • Umicore Optics is part of Umicore’s Optics Business Line, which in turn is part of the Electro-Optic Materials business unit.
  •  Umicore Optics is the world’s largest producer of optical grade Germanium. Umicore Optics is leading the way in Germanium and GASIR® chalcogenide glass materials.
  •  Umicore Optics has sale offices and facilities around the world.