MicroMatrices Associates Ltd

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MicroMatrices Assoiciates Ltd
Drug Discovery Services
Dundee Technopole, James Lindsay Place, Dundee DD1 5JJ
01382 322909

MicroMatrices solve safety and efficacy problems for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries using innovative molecular visualisation/localisation technologies which add resolving power to standard methodologies. With a highly skilled scientific core networked to facilities of excellence across the UK,  MicroMatrices is scalable, efficient and flexible.We offer our clients state of the art solutions for their unique efficacy and safety requirements, throughout the life cycle of their products.MicroMatrices is an innovation-led SME within the biotechnology sector with expertise in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Our role as innovators is demonstrated by our  11 peer  reviewed publications,  and two innovation grants awarded to us since our founding in 2011. MicroMatrices offers Services and Technology, with our R&D based technology programme feeding back into our service offerings to keep them as current and competitive as possible. Our SpheroMatrices (patent pending) project illustrates this strategy as we transition from innovation into a service product.SpheroMatrices offers enhanced analytics  for 3D cell cultures and will form the basis of a platform of applications developed for spheroid models for brain, liver, skin, patient-derived explant (PDX) tumours, etc, with each application adaptable to a multitude of biological endpoints.

Products & Services: 
  • SpheroMatrices®-our proprietary spheroid tissue microarray for obtaining medium-high throughput  toxicity/efficacy data from human-relevant organotypic spheroid cultures;
  • Transcriptomic/Proteomic Profiling (RNA/protein) and bioinformatics for global assessment of possible modes of action and to support  human non-relevance arguments;
  • Pathology Guided Image Analysis: quantifying immunostaining findings via bespoke algorithms, to provide resolving power to preclinical drug development and safety studies; can be combined with cell type-specific laser microdissection for enhanced resolution.
Skills & Expertise: 
  • Design of customised microarrays for gene expression, epigenomic and ChIP on chip analysis
  • Pathways analysis
  • Spheroid Tissue Microarray
  • 3D cell culture analytics
  • Image Analysis
  • Pathology guded laser Micro-dissection
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • In Situ Hybridisation (ISH)