The Institute for Medical Science and Technology

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The Institute for Medical Science and Technology
Medical Diagnostics
Wilson House, 1 Wurzburg Loan,Dundee Medipark,Dundee DD2 1FD
01382 388355

IMSaT is an interdisciplinary institute for future Medical Technologies positioned at the interface of Physics, Engineering with Clinical and Life Sciences founded in 2006 as a joint initiative by the University of Dundee and the University of St. Andrews, supported by Scottish Enterprise and the EU.
IMSaT is a partner of TAHSC, NRP, and SINAPSE and is linked to the World's first MR/PET/CT combined interventional surgical suite at CRC.
IMSaT hosts GE's First European Centre of Excellence for Pre-Clinical Image-guided Interventions and Surgery.

Products & Services: 

IMSaT is conducting world-class research and development in several areas promising valuable advances for patients, healthcare providers and life science companies alike:

  • Diagnostic & therapeutic imaging: the application of advanced cellular and molecular imaging techniques will revolutionize drug discovery & evaluation, diagnostics, and therapies (e.g. using MRI and ultrasound and advancing instrumentation including robotics to provide precise placement of probes and destructive energy to destroy or shrink malignant tumours)

  • Drug delivery: new technologies for delivering drugs in a highly targeted, efficient fashion will establish new standards of clinical efficacy, efficiency and patient care

  • Regenerative medicine: technologies for wound healing and tissue correction have huge economic potential for the medical device and allied biotechnology industries

  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques: emerging technologies such as Minimal Access Surgery, ultrasound imaging, radio-frequency devices, cryogenics and lasers are driving the potential for new state-of-the-art equipment.
Skills & Expertise: 

IMSaT is housed in a new two-storey building, Wilson House, located next to the NHS Hospital and Medical School at Ninewells. Wilson House comprises 10,000 sq.ft. of lab space and contains:

  • Full equipped workshop for instruments and implant production

  • Nanotechnology and cell biology

  • Ultrasound imaging and photonics labs

  • Interventional MRI with surgical suite

IMSaT is also located close to the Clinical Research Centre, a joint venture of NHS Tayside and University of Dundee, comprising the following additional facilities:

  • A clinical imaging suite with a 3 Tesla MRI scanner, a PET/CT scanner, and associated cyclotron (planned)

  • Fully equipped inpatient and outpatient suites