Health Informatics Centre (HIC) – The University of Dundee

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Health Informatics Centre (HIC) – The University of Dundee
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School (Main Level 5 Corridor) Second Floor
01382 383102

The Health Informatics Centre is a trusted research environment. 


Established over 10 years ago, HIC is recognized as a leader in health data linkage, and were the first centre in Scotland to offer a Safe Haven, which is Nationally Accredited, and ISO27001 certified. Operating under tight data governance controls, the Safe Haven allows secure collaborative research using sensitive eHealth data.

Other essential services offered, include: bespoke software development; secure data collection and hosting, through web-sites and eForms; study recruitment coordination, for clinical trials. 

HIC maintains a clinical data repository of eHealth data covering approximately 20% of the Scottish population. Some of our core datasets provide a continuous record extending back 30 years. The eHealth repository combines routine collected datasets for the Tayside and Fife population and Tayside, with local speciality research, and clinical datasets.


All HIC’s clinical datasets are fully indexed and electronically linkable‌.

Products & Services:


Study Feasibility

Run complex searches across HIC's clinical data repository to create population aggregates for study feasibility and study recruitment.

Patient Contact & Recruitment

HIC can prepare and send bespoke recruitment mail and track the entire recruitment process online.


Governance Approval Support

HIC is fully equipped to navigate the numerous Ethics, Regional and National Approval procedures needed for research with sensitive data.


Software Development

HIC’s applications team specialises in developing bespoke systems to support secure data collection, hosting and custom software applications.

Data Linkage

At the core of HIC’s research support services is the Clinical Data repository. This contains 30yrs of routinely-collected health datasets for nearly 20% of the Scottish population.


Data Entry

HIC manages a dedicated data entry team which can carry out secure, Project-specific data entry and/or Clerical support to studies offering a standard quality control method to ensure accuracy.

Skills & Expertise: 


  • Trusted Research in Health Informatics
  • Study Feasibility
  • Patient contact, recruitment & data entry
  • Governance – “Accredited” Safe Haven provision
  • Data Linkage
  • Big Data / A.I. / Imagery
  • 30 strong team of Digital Data professionals
  • Partnerships & Collaborations (NHS/Scot Gvmt/AHSP/TASC)
  • Driving innovation & commercial engagement