Grain & Seed Analysis

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Grain & Seed Analysis
Ag-Biotech, Analytical Services
Orchardbank Industrial Estate Forfar Tayside DD8 1TD
01307 468031
01307 468032
01307 468032

Grain and Seed Analysis is the only, UKAS accredited, totally independent laboratory in Scotland, licensed for the testing of Barley, Wheat and Oats, for certification purposes.

Products & Services: 

GSA laboratory offers a wide range of laboratory tests that provide prac ti cal and reliable information on the quality of seed intended for malting, feed or sowing. Tests are made in carefully controlled conditions by trained analysts using internationally approved methods.

Skills & Expertise: 

A team of highly trained seed analysts in all aspects of seed technology.Facilities & EquipmentAll tests are carried out according to GSA In house Methods with guide lines taken from The International Seed Testing (ISTA) Rules 1999, using up to date laboratory equipment.