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Glencoe Software Ltd
Drug Discovery Services, High Throughput Screening
School of Life Sciences University of Dundee Dundee DD1 5EH
01382 381173

View, share and analyze life science images and data within a single software framework. Quickly and securely access your data anywhere and publish it for the whole world to see. Connect over 130 image formats with dozens of analysis and bioinformatics tools. Applications like high content screening, 3D, time lapse, digital pathology and beyond are all supported. Completely open source, our expertise and technology is validated in 1,000's of labs around the world.

Products & Services: 

Bio-Formats and OMERO are the bridges that connect your image file formats to your image analysis software, plug-ins and bioinformatics solutions.Bio-Formats is the most comprehensive image translation library available with support for over 130 image file formats. We standardize your image files and let you view them where you want via OMERO. Concentrate on new discoveries while we worry about the framework.OMERO is a powerful interface that lets you view, share, analyze and publish data. It displays images translated by Bio-Formats and allows you to analyze them with your preferred software. Access your data from a local drive or remote servers and view it from anywhere, including your computer monitor, tablet device or smartphone.

Skills & Expertise: 

Let us help you develop your Bio-Formats and OMERO applications. Our expertise includes custom database development and implementation to front-end design. We can extend Bio-Formats and OMERO capabilities and help create the look, feel and performance for your imaging requirements. Plus, our solutions are backed up by our dedicated services and support network.