DNA Sequencing Services

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DNA Sequencing Services
Biotech, Contract Research, Life Science
College of Life Sciences University of Dundee Dundee Scotland DD1 5EH
01382 388019
01382 388729

We are a core DNA sequencing and fragment analysis facility based within the Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation Unit in the School of Life Sciences and serving laboratories within the University of Dundee and elsewhere within the UK and EU. We are located within dedicated laboratory space that forms part of the School of Life Sciences on the main campus. The revenue brought in by the work we do covers the running costs of the facility. Any additional revenue is used to help fund the academic research of our parent laboratories. This involves research into diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimers disease. Although we are part of the MRC Unit, the facility is managed as an independent entity and we ensure strict confidentiality is maintained with regard to customer samples and results, so confidentiality can be assured. We provide a wide range of contract research products for DNA analysis and associated services. We are also willing to discuss custom projects. Please contact us to  discuss your individual requirements and how we might assist you.

Products & Services: 

We use the latest technology to generate the best possible data for our customers. Our range of instruments includes two Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA analyzers, one  Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA analyzer, four Qiagen Biorobot 9600s, seven 96 well PCR machines, a nanodrop spectrophotometer, three 96 well plate spinning centrifuges,  two KingFisher Flex 96 robots, an orbital shaker for bacterial cultures, a benchtop centrifuge for pelleting bacteria from cultures and a range of electronic multi-channel pipettes.

Skills & Expertise: 

We have developed a great deal of expertise in DNA sequencing over many years of providing a service to the scientific community. This is particularly useful when advising customers of different approaches to use and when assisting customers with trouble-shooting. Our combined experience is over 30 years and we are always very happy to provide assistance and advice to our customers.