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DNA Database
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West Bell Street Dundee Dundee DD1 9JU
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The DNA Database is a section of the Police Forensic Science Laboratory Dundee (PFSLD). PFSLD was opened in 1989 while the DNA Database was opened in 1996. It is funded by 3 Police Forces (Tayside, Fife and Central Scotland). Along with the three other operational Forensic Laboratories in Scotland, PFSLD is independent of the Forensic Service of England and Wales.

Products & Services: 

DNA Databasing is carried out in separate accommodation from PFSLD.The main service provision of the DNA Database includes:

  • DNA PCR-STR Profiling of Criminal Justice mouth swabs and hair samples to be compared to crime scene profiles
  • Civil and criminal paternity
  • Body identification
Skills & Expertise: 

The DNA Database facility operates a database of DNA profi les obtained from criminals which can be compared against materials such as bloodstains, saliva, hair or skin cells found at crime scenes.The Dundee-based DNA Database facility routinely undertakes DNA analysis for all of Scotland's eight police forces.