Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc

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Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
Biopharmaceuticals, Cancer Research
Dundee Technopole, 1 James Lindsay Place Dundee Dundee DD1 5JJ
01382 206062
01382 206067

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialisation of novel, mechanism-targeted drugs to treat human cancers and other serious disorders.Founded in 1996 by Professor Sir David Lane, a world leader in tumour-suppressor biology, Cyclacel's aim was to build commercially on Professor Lane's discovery of the P53 ("tumour-suppressor") gene.Today Cyclacel continues to apply its core strength in cell cycle biology. The Company is advancing a pipeline of small molecule drugs designed to stop uncontrolled cell division. There are currently two clinical stage compounds in the Cyclacel pipeline, with a third one in late preclinical development.Their corporate strategy is to advance the company's oncology pipeline internally and develop non-oncology indications through collaborations. The Company plans to retain rights to its oncology programs through Phase Ibis development before considering partnering.

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Through collaborations with leading companies, including Altana, AstraZeneca, Genzyme and GlaxoSmithKline, Cyclacel has built a lengthy pipeline of drug candidates, principally through internal discovery efforts.With a productive drug discovery engine and a large portfolio of development candidates, Cyclacel remains at the forefront of biotechnology in Dundee and international biopharmaceutical research. Their pipeline currently includes work on:Sapacitabine (CYC682), a drug involved in a cell cycle modulation.Seleciclib (CYC202), a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor.CYC116, an Aurora kinase and VEGFR2 inhibitor

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The cell cycle lies at the heart of how cancer is caused. Based on recent advances, cell cycle inhibition is generating scientific and commercial interest as an approach to target cancer cells selectively, while generally sparing normally dividing cells.Cyclacel has built a leading position in cell cycle drug discovery and development. At their primary research facility, located in state-of-the-art facilities in Dundee, they continue to develop a range of novel drug candidates and anti-cancer therapies. Their key strengths include:Extensive experience in research and preclinical, clinical development and commercialisation.Recognised leaders in the field of cell cycle biology.A comprehensive pipeline of preclinical and clinical drug candidates as well as products on the market.Market prominence - the only company currently with an orally available CDK inhibitor in Phase 2 clinical trials.