Rod Mountain

Rod leads on ‘Healthcare Design’ for the Academic Health Science Partnership (AHSP) in Tayside. Through the years his team have embraced new knowledge, skills and values gained from the Creative sectors of Art, Design, Computing and Gaming. He is passionate about ‘Design thinking’ and ‘Realistic Medicine’ as the two philosophies that can transform how we care.


Key themes that provide structure to his Design-led work in health and social care are:

  • EMPATHY and engagement with patients and carers
  • JOURNEYS designed together with patients, carers and workers
  • OUTCOMES that matter to patients and carers


He has a vision for value creation by COLLABORATING LOCALLY TO COMPETE GLOBALLY.

A vision for Scotland to become the most collaborative small country in the world.

  • Collaborations that break the boundaries of the private, public and third sectors.
  • Collaborations that link science, engineering and the creative industries together.
  • Collaborations that have a strong focus on social inequality and human disability.


Rod has a blog hosted on the V&A Dundee website entitled Design-led care: