At NCIMB we work to high standards to support our customers in their R&D projects, quality control procedures and protection of their biological assets.

• Reference strains: our National Culture Collection is an important resource for researchers and industry around the globe. It includes thousands of bacterial strains from ACDP hazard groups 1 & 2 as well as plasmids, fungi and bacteriophages.

• Microbial identification: We undertake genotypic identification of isolates as well as strain comparison and differentiation.

• Biomaterial preservation and storage: Our services range from storage of a few cryovials to high security, dedicated storage vessels for many types of biomaterial.

• Next generation sequencing for microbial community analysis and whole genome sequencing. We can interrogate sequences for genes of interest.

• Patent depository: NCIMB is an International Depository Authority for patenting purposes.

• Research services: we undertake collaborative and contract research with academia and industry.

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