Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside

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Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside
Healthcare Services
AHSP Office, Level 10, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee DD1 9SY
01382 383140

The Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside (AHSP) was established by the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside to bring together the delivery of healthcare services, education, quality improvement and research with the purpose of improving the health and well-being of the population. Employing a globally adopted concept for collaboration between an academic institution and a healthcare provider, AHSP was the first formal Academic Health Science Partnership in Scotland.

AHSP works to improve healthcare quality and outcomes through more effective integration of key core functions that are jointly led by NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee. The combining of expertise and excellence from both institutions creates an environment where there is increased opportunity for industrial engagement. A strategic aim of AHSP is to develop new collaborations and strategic partnerships with both industry and major research funders informed by its 3 year strategic plan


Products & Services: 

AHSP aims to create more than ad hoc collaboration between industry, the University and NHS Tayside. The objective is to create novel, dynamic, evolving and strategically-guided partnerships that will promote high-quality education, training, research, product development and ultimately improved patient care. To help achieve this AHSP will work to promote an understanding amongst University and NHS staff of the challenges facing industry. This will create an environment focussed on the most important questions and for dialogue centred on possible solutions.


Skills & Expertise: 

AHSP, in partnership with professional business support services from across the University, NHS Tayside and beyond, offers the following types of support in pursuit of collaboration with industry:

  1. A single point of contact for collaboration involving both the University and NHS Tayside, bringing together academic, research and clinical staff;
  2. Advice and support for the establishment of new strategic projects, collaborations and partnerships locally, nationally and internationally;
  3. Identification and establishment of links with additional collaborators and stakeholders in support of project objectives and help with forging effective networks;
  4. Identification and help with leveraging third party funding to support collaborative projects with industry.
  5. Preparation of business plans in support of collaborative projects and partnerships;
  6. Supporting staff and student exchange with industry for the purposes of relationship building, knowledge exchange and identifying collaborative opportunities.

 One of the most important goals of AHSP is to further develop and maintain an “environment where industry finds it easy to establish collaborative partnerships with both the University and NHS Tayside”. 

Case study ‘Partnering To Improve Health Outcomes’