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Freestyle LibreĀ® now available on prescription in NHS Tayside

NHS Tayside has approved the use of the Freestyle Libre® system for eligible people with diabetes.

Freestyle Libre® is a flash glucose monitoring technology which uses an adhesive sensor to take glucose readings. The sensor is worn for up to 14 days and a reader or mobile phone app is swiped over the sensor to get the glucose results.

It is recognised that this new technology can benefit people living with the condition, however the device is not suitable for everyone with diabetes and the device may not be suitable in every instance. The recently published Scottish Health Technology Group Appraisal set out criteria for which people would most benefit and the decision to prescribe Freestyle Libre® will be made by NHS Tayside’s Specialist Diabetes Team.

The national criteria are that flash glucose monitoring with Freestyle Libre® should be considered in people with diabetes who:

  • Use intensive insulin therapy – this is multiple (typically four or five) daily injections or insulin pump therapy
  • Attend a locally provided flash glucose monitoring education session
  • Agree to scan glucose levels no less than six times per day
  • Agree to share glucose data with their diabetes clinic
  • Have attended a recognised diabetes structured education programme and/or the clinical team are satisfied that the person (or carer) has required knowledge/skills to self-manage diabetes.

Further information on the criteria and how to access this technology is available on the Tayside Diabetes MCN website at www.diabetes-healthnet.ac.uk.  If you are not able to access the information on this website please discuss with your diabetes team at your next clinic appointment.