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National Surgical Instrument Reference Centre, 9am - 2pm

You are invited to join BioDundee and the University of Dundee for a Seminar focusing on Enhancing the Testing and Quality Assurance of Reusable Surgical Instruments via a New National Surgical Instrument Reference Centre

The Bioengineering Research Centre in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Dundee has a programme to study the quality, management and care of reusable surgical instruments. This work is undertaken in collaboration with NHS Scotland and NHS Tayside.

The Centre aims to ensure that instruments are fit for purpose and maintained as such throughout their lifetime and consequently reduce clinical incidents during surgery.

Honorary Professor George Corner aims to take this a step further and establish a National Surgical Instrument Reference Centre. This will involve working in collaboration with manufacturers, suppliers, supply chain, sterile services, users and the NHS.

The University of Dundee in partnership with BioDundee are holding a half day seminar to present the proposed new National Surgical Instrument Reference Centre, with speakers from procurement, manufacturing and the industry and regulatory bodies. This will be hosted by Professor George Corner. We hope you will be able to join us - please see the attached programme.

Date: Wednesday 4th February 2015

Time: 9am – 2pm

Location: The Innovation Portal, Dundee University Incubator, James Lindsay Place, Dundee DD1 5JJ ( www.dundeeincubator.com/main/location.html )

The new Centre will test the quality of instruments supplied to NHS Scotland and ultimately National Procurement and offer a toolkit of tests to assess and accredit the quality of reusable surgical instruments to agreed Standards and Specifications.

Such national accreditation offers the potential for tangible sales advantage, giving customers the reassurance that equipment has been analysed and assessed for quality, consistency, suitable durability for NHS processes and that it stays fit for purpose. Features will include:

  • Test instruments thoroughly against Standards and agreed specifications
  • Test surface finishes and treatments to increase resistance to corrosion and infection
  • Provide facilities and expertise to help manufacturers and Regulatory Bodies fulfil their statutory requirements under the Medical Devices Directive
  • Provide reassurance to the NHS and National Procurement of testing and quality assurance levels
  • Transparency of testing methods and benchmarking criteria with a toolkit of tests
  • Provide manufacturers and suppliers with valuable information on the customer experience for purchasing and use
  • Provide manufacturers with confidential testing and analysis of reusable surgical instruments to improve quality and consistency standards and reduce instrument damage
  • Offer potential for increased customer reassurance and market and sales advantage

To register for this event, please contact Judith Adams at the University of Dundee

Tel: 01382 226856

Email: j.s.adams@dundee.ac.uk