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Bio-Rad Laboratories is the complete solution provider for antibodies supporting drug development, clinical diagnostics and academic research. Whether you need a ready-made product, a complex custom antibody generation project, or small to bulk manufacturing services, we cater for all requirements. No other company can rival our unique recombinant HuCAL® custom monoclonal antibody service that generates highly specific, high affinity Fab antibodies in only 8 weeks, with greater than 90% success rates. We aim to help you reach your goals by providing the antibodies you need and a professional, long-term partnership for success.

For further information visit www.bio-rad-antibodies.com.





British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international cultural relations organisation, working for more than 80 years in 110 countries worldwide to forge links between people in the UK and other countries, building engagement and trust through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. One of our charitable purposes is to: “encourage cultural, scientific, technological and other educational cooperation between the United Kingdom and other countries”.

Contact Details:

Anca Martin
Email: anca.martin@britishcouncil.org
Tel: 07875536515

Doug Watters
Email: doug.watters@britishcouncil.org
Tel: 0131 524 5765

Website: www.britishcouncil.org/iaeste

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Cellexus Ltd manufactures a disposable bioreactor system for the production of recombinant proteins from Yeasts, bacteria and algae. It is a leader in the industrial production of bacteriophage and has customers in industrial, pharmaceutical and animal health. Recently the company has launched a photobioreactor for algae production. Cellexus is based in Dundee.

Contact Details:

Bob Cumming
Email: Bob.cumming@cellexus.com 
Tel: 01382 810171

Leo Sibanda 
Email: Leo.sibanda@cellexus.com 
Tel: 01382 810171

Website: www.cellexus.com

Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers Ltd.


Edinburgh Genomics

Edinburgh Genomics (EG) is a leading academic-based open-access genomics service provider, based at the University of Edinburgh that offers a broad portfolio of next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing and arrays services, delivering high-quality data. EG is well suited for cutting-edge studies like genome sequencing at population-scale, using the HiSeq X platform, or de novo assembly of new genomes by using PacBio Sequel long reads and provides bespoke bioinformatics services, from data QC to variant identification and RNA-Seq/ChIP analysis as well as a range of bioinformatics training workshops. EG maintains a “recognized genomics facility” status with the major UK research councils.

Contact Details:

Javier Santoyo-Lopez 
Email: javier.santoyo@ed.ac.uk 
Tel:0131 651 9412

Philip Ellis 
Email: Philip.Ellis@ed.ac.uk
Tel: 0131 651 7804

Website: https://genomics.ed.ac.uk/

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Henderson Loggie

We support organisations from start-up to commercialisation, through to those doing business internationally. We have team members with scientific backgrounds and specialist tax expertise.
Our focus is to ensure that tax reliefs are maximised, including R&D tax credits and Patent Box. Our accountancy and tax services are complemented by guidance on funding for early stage companies, cross border VAT advice and advice on Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
We conduct grant work for multinational pharmaceutical companies, a global supplier of tools and technologies for the industry and a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic tests for clinical laboratories.

Contact Details:

Alisdair McNaughton
Email: amc@hlca.co.uk
Tel: 01382 200 055

Rod Mathers
Email: rma@hlca.co.uk
Tel: 01382 200 055

Website: www.hlca.co.uk

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IP Pragmatics

Since we were founded in 2001, IP Pragmatics helps Universities, growing SMEs, Public Sector Research Institutes and Large Enterprise to create and realise value from their intellectual property assets.

Our team has over 65 years´ experience of providing specialist intellectual property advice and business development assistance.

Our in-depth technical, commercial and IP knowledge and experience, stems from research and industry backgrounds across human & veterinary health, agriculture & food and environmental technology.

We are headquartered in London, with offices in Scotland and Australia. We also have representatives in South Africa and North America, and strategic partners in Korea and Japan.

Contact Details:

Amy Lam              
Email: amy.lam@ip-pragmatics.com
Tel: 0131 221 6570

Scott McKellar
Email: scott.mckellar@ip-pragmatics.com
Tel: 0131 221 6570

Website: www.ip-pragmatics.com

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James Hutton Limited

Making an impact through science, James Hutton Limited draws on the scientific expertise, intellectual property, facilities and resources of the James Hutton Institute to provide research and consultancy services and solutions to nutraceutical and health related sectors.

James Hutton Limited facilitates research into health benefits and nutrition as well as the general environment and its impacts on the health of the world at large.

It is also home to Mylnefield Lipid Analysis, a leading international laboratory for the specialist analysis of oils and fats with GMP approval (UK MHRA and the US FDA) and GCP (MHRA).

Contact Details:

Jonathan Snape    
Email: jonathan.snape@huttonltd.com            
Tel: 01382 568795

Laura Paterson   
Email: laura.paterson@huttonltd.com   
Tel: 01382 5688000 

Website: www.huttonltd.com  

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Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk supports SMEs, start-ups, universities and multinationals to capture, protect and exploit all aspects of intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.

Our award-winning team in Scotland is recognised by Managing Intellectual Property as the best IP prosecution firm in Scotland 2017. Our Edinburgh and Glasgow Office Managing Partners Paul Chapman and Richard Gibbs were recognised by MIP as IP Stars in 2016 for their work with life sciences patents.

We work with many leading, innovative, Scottish clients across the Life Sciences field ranging from diagnostics to antibodies, cell therapies to medical devices.

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Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) & NHS Research Scotland

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new ideas and innovations from healthcare professionals, as well as encourage a culture innovation across the health service.

 Formed through a partnership of Scottish NHS Boards and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Scottish Government, we work to ensure that NHS Scotland provides the best environment to support clinical research.

NHS Research Scotland promotes and supports excellence in clinical and translational research in Scotland so that patients can benefit from new and better treatments.

Contact Details:

Simon Cree           
Email: simon.cree@shil.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 141 951 5506  

Websites: www.nhsresearchscotland.org.uk and www.shil.co.uk 



Research and Innovation Services, University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is 1st in the UK for biological sciences research and 1st equal for impact in clinical medicine. With an international reputation for research, the University is home to innovating research centres such as the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) and the Institute for Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT). We are also known for our large, strategic collaborations with industry such as the Division of Signal Transduction and Therapy (DSTT).

Research and Innovation Services (RIS) at the University helps connect our researchers to businesses and public sector organisations through collaborative R&D, consultancy, licensing and more.

Contact Details:

Orla Kelly
Email: o.z.kelly@dundee.ac.uk
Tel: 01382 384664

Jamie Henderson
Email: j.z.henderson@dundee.ac.uk
Tel: 01382 384664

Website: www.dundee.ac.uk/industry

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Roslin Innovation Centre

Welcome to the Roslin Innovation Centre, Gateway to Easter Bush Campus.

The business location of choice for companies undertaking strategic, commercial and collaborative research in the Animal and Veterinary Sciences; Agri Tech and One Health industries.

Contact Details:

John Mackenzie    
Email: John.mackenzie@roslin.ed.ac.uk            
Tel: 0131 651 9420

Hazel Robertson   
Email: Hazel.robertson@roslin-biocentre.com  
Tel: 0131 200 6400  

Website: www.roslininnovationcentre.com

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Seralab (a division of BioreclamationIVT)

Seralab is a leading supplier of control matrices and disease state material, offering the most complete range of human and animal-based research BioProducts in Europe.Human and animal serum, plasma, whole blood, PBMCs and fluids are available as well as tissues, hepatocytes, microsomes, S9, homogenate and other lysates.A variety of disease state material is available including blood products, fluids, tissues, FFPE and oncology matched sets. Cell isolation products include normal human, animal and disease state PBMCs and other purified cell types.Other products include Cell Culture sera and reagents including Human AB serum for Cell therapy use,FBS, media, selected growth factors and Stem Cell research reagents.  

Contact Details:

Colm O’Hara
Email: cohara@bioreclamationivt.com
Tel: 01444 250 010  

Ali Abdul-Gader
Email: Aabdul-gader@bioreclamationivt.com
Tel: 01444 250 010  

Website: www.seralab.co.uk  



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University Technology

Scotland's prestigious, world-class universities drive innovation and are experienced in the commercialisation of research and technology. University Technology is a unique collaboration of Scotland’s universities to showcase new technology opportunities which are available from each of the member universities.  Our easy to use website provides a single location to enable companies and investors from business and industry to find these new and exciting technology transfer opportunities. The universities have a broad range of expertise of which life sciences plays a significant role and as such is reflected in the many technology opportunities available for this industry sector.

Contact Details:

Heather Alexander
Email: Heather.alexander@interface-online.org.uk
Tel: 07972 462 939

Website: www.university-technology.com/  


Vascular Flow Technologies

Vascular Flow Technologies is focussed on the research & development of vascular and endovascular devices incorporating our patented Spiral Laminar Flow™ Technology by forging strategic partnerships with leading industry players.  VFT has evolved into an ISO 13485 Medical Device Development company with unique insight and capabilities in pre-clinical development and testing.  Our capabilities - Pre-clinical development of vascular and endovascular devices, CFD CAD & FMEA, 3D Prototyping, In-vitro Flow Modelling (Bench & Cadaveric), ISO Testing, Project Management & Regulatory Support.

Contact Details:

Craig Dunlop
Email: craig.dunlop@vascular-flow.com
Tel: 01382 562 797

Mike O’Sullivan
Email: mike.osullivan@vascular-flow.com
Tel: 01382 598 435

Website: www.vascular-flow.com  



Established in 2006, YouTrain is an independent training company delivering IT training throughout Scotland. We have extensive experience in delivering both Modern Apprenticeship programmes and a wide range of IT technical training courses. YouTrain now deliver Modern Apprenticeships in life sciences and related industries. YouTrain is an approved SQA Centre and Skills Development Scotland provider.

We are a vibrant training company who thrive on supporting and continually expanding our internal expertise. In turn this helps us ensure that we are able to continue to deliver a fully comprehensive training experience to each and every learner. Always looking for new opportunities.

Contact Details:

Margaret Huggett
Email: margaret.huggett@youtrain.com  
Tel: 01786 478478

Website: www.youtrain.com